Profile 1987-present Devon

In the beautiful village of Beer, Devon, Andrew and his family soon set up home and studio in an imposing hilltop house overlooking Lyme Bay. Within his turreted studio room above the village of Beer, surrounded by hills and looking out to sea, Andrew now paints his fine skies, seas and landscapes.

In 1989, Andrew was awarded the Goldline prize for best landscape painting in the Mall Galleries Annual Exhibition in London; a large moody sky over Colyton. Considered an alternative to the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition; it is a rare event to see any of his paintings in such a group show.

With a distinct downturn in the art market in the late 1980's and 1990's, Bill Patterson's beautiful 18th and 19th century paintings became less popular and a distinct cultural shift began to occur. Galleries began to open outside the usual hub of London and the major cities and in 1998 Andrew was invited to show his work in his home village of Beer. Marine House Gallery, run by Mike and Rosemary Lambert, brought new people to see his unique work and Andrew's paintings saw a new lease of life.

Andrew always introduces new subject for each exhibition. Seldom does he ever work on one painting alone and returns to a painting time and time again. By working between diverse subjects he is able to remain fresh and focused. This is highlighted in his exhibitions 'Nature and Neon' and 'Rural Idyll - Urban Energy' which included paintings of a looser nature born from trips to New York and Hamburg.

"With one style of work feeding the other I am able to push my work forward"

From his New York work his palette changed noticeably and the benefits of working with the energy, lights and reflections of the city filtered through to his more naturalistic landscapes. Sunsets took on a new vibrancy and water shimmered in the mid-day sun.

After ten years working with the Marine House, and seven one-man exhibitions, it is clear Andrew's passion for painting landscapes, particularly those with dramatic skies and sparkling rivers has not diminished. A private person who you will seldom see attending a function, this individually self taught painter still delivers some of the most compelling work in landscape painting today.